2500+ Engagement Rings – Where do you start?

Diamond Engagement Rings for Women
Where do you start? How to navigate engagement ring shopping.

Surprise? Collaborative Mission? Teamwork from Beginning to End? 

The million dollar question: “How involved should she be in the engagement ring shopping process?” Many guys choose to make it a solo mission, some couples narrow down choices together, and then some couples actually share the experience together from beginning to end.

All these scenarios work, as there are no standard rules for engagement ring shopping. It is really up to you and her to determine how much she should participate in shopping for her engagement ring.

If you want to it to be a total surprise, then we recommend getting a few hints…

  1. Look for opportunities in everyday life to get her opinion on different rings and styles. Think while watching TV, or flipping through magazines, or window shopping… Casually ask her general open-ended questions.
  2. Take note of the jewelry she wears most often to get a better sense of her taste and personal preferences.
  3. How does she dress? Classic? Modern? Trendy? Generally speaking, her overall sense of style should carry over.
  4. Enlist the help of one of her close girlfriends, who is willing to act as a double agent “go-between.”
  5. Ask for some basic parameters to help you make a confident decision. Things like diamond shape, type of metal (yellow or white gold), setting style, etc.
  6. Visit SpenceDiamonds.com together or bring her to a Spence location to conduct a scouting mission. She can view or try on as many of our 2500 ring prototypes as she wants to. It will be fun – we promise!

Keep in mind, there really is no code or etiquette to engagement ring shopping, and it doesn’t make it any less romantic if she is involved. In fact, there is no better way to ensure you find the ring she really wants than having her input throughout the process.

Remember, you’re the one who still decides when, where and how you are going to propose.

A Jewelry Store You’ll Both Enjoy… We know the whole thing feels overwhelming, but you can handle it. Spence has your back. We’re here for you whenever you’re ready to get started on a ring that will far exceed her expectations. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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