The Proposal: How to Pop the Question with Style

Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are a few proposal stories to help get the ball rolling on how to pop the question with style. We have no doubt that you are going to knock her socks off, just like these guys did…

Proposal Story #1: “When we first started hanging out, our thing was to watch Amazing Race every week. Three years later, we found ourselves living together and still making a night out of watching our favorite reality show. After numerous attempts to get on the show failed, I had the idea of simulating a version of the Amazing Race around the city, with locations that meant something to us, with the final “pit stop” being me on bended knee. I gave a few “route markers” to the staff at a few spots in the city – being the restaurant we went on our first date, movie theater we were at when we made it official, etc. Then had the final “pit spot” be a local boutique hotel. As she “won” the race and was the first to arrive, I was in the hotel room on bended knee ready to propose. Although I was sweating bullets the entire day as she ran around the city, she was really happy with ‘our’ version of the Amazing Race.” Jack D. – Vancouver, BC

Proposal Story #2: “I made a reservation for us at the restaurant where we had our first date. We continued to go to this restaurant almost every week, from that point on. So, given she thought it was like any other Friday night, she was quite surprised when one of the waitresses that normally served us came out to our table with a box of the cereal “Life” on a silver platter (with the ring inside the box of cereal). I had dropped off a box of the cereal Life, the silver platter and the ring earlier that night. When the server came to the table, I asked her “Life on silver platter – just me and you. What do you think? Will you marry me?” The rest is history.” Wyatt M. – Calgary, AB

Proposal Story #3: “Planned a special date night for us – which already had her questioning my motives (guess I don’t do this enough!). She was on to me for sure, but I just kept moving forward. It was December, so we went for a nice dinner to a local Italian restaurant we really like. Then I had a horse & carriage ride planned for us through our province’s capital. We met the horse & carriage just a few blocks from the restaurant. So she was surprised to see it, as we were walking home from the restaurant. Took the horse & carriage for a 15 minute ride, and during this time I popped the question.” Sean F. – Victoria, BC

Proposal Story #4: “We actually met on a blind date at the city’s Art Museum. I was planning to meet this girl in the late afternoon, walk around the museum for a few hours and hook up with my buddies after. Well 8 hours went by, and we were still “touring” the museum. Fast forward 3 years, I arranged with the Art Museum to stay open late on a week night. We went by to check out the gallery that night. Given she really likes art, she was up for it. She was surprised though, when she noticed no one else was there. She chalked it up that it was because it was so late… As we made it up to the 3rd floor, and we were viewing a collection of art from an artist she really loved, I got down on my knee and told her ‘had we not meet here 3 years ago, tonight wouldn’t have been possible.’ Then I asked her to marry me.” Kaiden J. – Vancouver, BC

Proposal Story #5: “I was debating whether to do it around Christmas, but the timing was working out so well, I decided to go for it. I picked her up from the airport two days before Christmas. When we got back to the house, we crashed on the couch to just chill out, after her long day of travelling. Given I couldn’t relax at all, she kept asking me if I was okay. I couldn’t take it anymore, and told her to go look at the Christmas tree. She then got into a debate with me, saying she could see the tree from the couch. I asked her to check out one of the ornaments on the tree that was hand-made for her by my little nephew. After much debate, she finally stood up and went over to the tree to look at the ornament. Hand tied to the ornament was her ring, and when she turned around, I was down on a knee… We had a really great Christmas that year!” Danial L. – Toronto, ON

Guys like Spence too… We get it…

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