Who is Spence Diamonds?

Fact #1: Spence Diamonds built its own state-of-the art manufacturing facility because Sean Jones couldn’t find a factory willing to manufacture the quality that he insists upon.

Fact #2: Sean Jones is a meticulous perfectionist. Seriously, this is a man who buys a brand new car and then takes it to the finest mechanic in North America to eliminate the tiny imperfections that were allowed by the factory.

Fact #3: Jewelry manufacturing is a messy job involving the casting of hot, liquid gold into cast-stone molds from which wax impressions have previously been melted. But Sean doesn’t believe in messes, just like he doesn’t believe in imperfections. So the Spence Diamonds manufacturing facility is a legend among casters of fine metals. It’s like a hospital operating room, snowy white and continually spotless.

Fact #4: So yes, when we say that your Spence Diamonds ring will be of a quality far above the quality sold anywhere else, we really mean that.

Who is Spence Diamonds? Let us introduce you to Colorful Doug and Uptight Sean.

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