Asking a Woman’s Father For Her Hand In Marriage

Diamond engagement rings

Call it outdated, old-fashioned, sexist, chauvinistic… Yet, asking a woman’s father (or mother) for her hand in marriage is still viewed by many women as a sweet, thoughtful and respectful tradition. It is a gesture than can highlight the authenticity in your intentions and love – an act of a true gentleman.

As outlined by Brett & Kate McKay on, they walk you through a few guidelines that will hopefully ease your anxiety, and ideally, have you enjoy venturing through this rite of passage:

  1. Talk to your girlfriend first.
  2. Try to meet him before you ask.
  3. Sit down with him man-to-man.
  4. Start out expressing your feelings for his daughter.
  5. Explain your wish to marry his daughter.
  6. Promise him that you’ll take care of his daughter for the rest of her life.
  7. Respectfully ask for his blessing.

Now that you have found “the one”, our recommendation is to read their full article, as they present some interesting points and suggestions to ponder on. Worthy of a few minutes of your time. Enjoy.

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