“If you love me, take care of me…” TLC Tips for your Precious Diamonds



Spence Diamonds Engagement Rings

“If you love me, please take care of me…”

When we wear something every day, we often forget to treat the item that we cherish so dearly with the utmost care. Whether it is your stunning engagement ring, wedding band, anniversary ring, favorite set of diamond studs or your go-to diamond pendant – just like your car – your diamond jewelry also needs regular “maintenance” check-ups.

Finding the perfect diamond is such a memorable and exciting experience. To keep your diamond jewelry looking stunning and your fond memories fresh for many years to come, below are a few recommendations we hope you find useful.

  1. Take Care of Your Gold! Over time, metals oxidise naturally with exposure to air. However, contact with abrasive chemicals and daily cleaning products, such as chlorinated products, detergents, beauty care products, cosmetics, lotions, perfume, hairspray, etc. will tarnish the appearance of your gold jewelry.
  2. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Although it may seem like “all the time is the right time” to wear your diamond jewelry, there are actually times when you should NOT wear your cherished possessions. It is highly recommended to remove your jewelry when sleeping, showering, cleaning, doing rough work, such as gardening, working with tools, engaging in sports activities, etc.
  3. FRAGILE: Treat with Care: Although diamonds are one of nature’s hardest natural minerals, even a sudden sharp blow can still chip it. Wear it with pride & care, and avoid contact with hard surfaces. Gold is also naturally very durable, but can get scratched or dented with daily wear.
  4. Keep it Clean: Clean your diamond jewelry regularly to keep it free from dust, soil, natural skin oil, etc. Soap, water, a toothbrush and a good scrub often does the trick!
  5. Proper Storage is Important: Store all your jewelry separately in the original jewelry case(s) or soft cloth pouches to avoid scratches.
  6. Regular Check-Ups: Have your diamond jewelry professionally inspected regularly. This is important to ensure your diamond stone(s) are secure in your setting, as your stones can become lose over time with wear.

Here at Spence Diamonds, we have equipment that allows us to clean the bottom of the diamond, as well as other areas you can’t reach. Please let us professionally clean your Spence diamonds. We’ll do it for free, forever. We are delighted every time we see you. See you soon.


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