Wedding Hair and Makeup – Dos and Don’ts


With summer solstice around the corner, wedding season will soon officially be in full bloom! With many brides, bridesmaids, MOBs and families preparing to celebrate love and joy on their special days, shared 8 Wedding Hair & Makeup Dos and Don’ts. Most of these tips seem like common sense, but when the frenzy and excitement of wedding planning kicks in, it can be very easy to overlook these basic Dos and Don’ts!

#1: Don’t ignore you skin; do start with a great base.

#2: Don’t cover up your greys with all-over colour; do use a root touch-up.

#3: Don’t let all the hot tools damage your hair; do prepare by nourishing your hair.

#4: Don’t worry about chipped nails; do keep a small bottle of polish by your side on the big day. (Added Spence tip: Do shellac to not have to worry about chips!)

#5: Don’t wait till the last-minute; do prepare, test and try.

#6: Don’t overdo it; do keep it simple.

#7: Don’t just pack tissues; do wear long-lasting eyeliner.

#8: Don’t get lipstick all over your guests and groom; do wear a lipstick that lasts.

Click here to read the full article on and the details on each tip.


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