What Guys Need to Know About Spence


Well, we’re definitely not your typical jewellery store. In fact, we’re pretty certain Spence Diamonds is like no other jewellery store you’ve ever been in.

Here are a few of the unique benefits you receive when you do your engagement ring shopping with us:

  1. You’re in control from the word ‘go’. Our 2500+ designer ring prototypes are in wide-open, self-serve showcases so you can browse as many as you want without feeling pressured by a salesperson.
  2. Her ring is made especially for her after you’ve chosen her diamond and ring combination. Rings generally take between 7-14 days from the order date.
  3. Almost any ring can be made to fit any budget. You decide on the size and quality of your diamond, and the karat of gold or platinum for your ring, and we build the ring to those specifications.
  4. You’re not paying any hidden ‘middleman’ costs. Spence keeps all diamond buying, importing and manufacturing services in-house. We have a buying office in Antwerp, Belgium and a design studio in Vancouver, B.C.
  5. You never have to wonder about price. Each designer ring prototype is marked with an ‘average price’. From there, any increase or decrease is the result of your diamond and ring choices.
  6. We don’t try to ‘sell you’ anything. You choose the ring and price you’re comfortable with. We’re just there to be your trusted advisor and help you find the best diamond for your money.
  7. You get to see exactly what you’re paying for. Spence uses Binocular microscopes, GIA Facetware Cut Estimate software and other specialty tools to show you the true cut, colour and clarity of your diamond.
  8. Your purchase is protected by our diamond guarantees. You can buy with confidence knowing we’ve got your back.
  9. There’s no chance of buying a conflict diamond. Spence diamonds are purchased only from legitimate sources in compliance with United Nations resolutions. Our diamonds represent love, not war.

Are you ready to set up an appointment at a Spence Diamonds near you?

Engagement Rings Why guys love shopping at Spence


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