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You Have the Right to Vote. To Scream or Not to Scream, THAT is the Question.

In any social media, all you have to do is post #SpenceScreamYES to vote to keep the scream, or #SpenceScreamNO to cast your ballot to bid farewell to the scream.

Check out how the vote is trending at

“I was pretty n…

“I was pretty nervous when I walked into the store. I met with a diamond consultant, who helped me through the process. After going through a great presentation on how diamonds are graded, I felt much more confident about making my selection. We found three spectacular diamonds for Danielle’s ring. Actually, thanks to Spence, picking the ring was the easy part. Then I had to do the Grouse Grind so that I could propose to Danielle at the top of GrouseMountain. It turned out to be a wonderful experience. We have since been back to Spence to order our wedding bands.” – Alm

“Spence has bee…

“Spence has been an amazing store to deal with. When shopping for the initial engagement ring, we were put at ease with a no-pressure, take-your-time attitude. Our other visits have been great as well. We were thrilled with all of our service, as it was so quick and we were treated so well. Thanks Spence!” – Bev & Bryan