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You Have the Right to Vote. To Scream or Not to Scream, THAT is the Question.

In any social media, all you have to do is post #SpenceScreamYES to vote to keep the scream, or #SpenceScreamNO to cast your ballot to bid farewell to the scream.

Check out how the vote is trending at

A Good Laugh! How to Plan a Wedding, The Brutally Honest Edition

The Huffington Post posted CollegeHumor’s hilarious and brutally honest 10-step guide on how to plan a wedding.

Warning: A few “choice” words are used in the video – for added emphasis, of course! Watch with your special person – it is guaranteed to break the tension!

Congratulations! You’ve found that one special person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

You can already envision the happy life you’re going to live together, but first things first: Will you make it through the wedding without losing your family, friends, savings and sanity in the process?

CollegeHumor has put together a 10-step guide on how to plan a wedding — and there’s a dash of brutal honesty included for each step.

Just try to remember that it’s happily ever after once it’s all over.

Omari’s Memorable Surprise Proposal at a Toronto Raptors Game!!!

Spence client, Omari, planned the ultimate surprise proposal. He ensured it would be a moment that him & Dawn, and the 20,000 fans that got to share in their joy, would remember forever.

Dawn thinks she is taking part in a typical half-time type contest game. However, when she chooses the Adidas Mystery Box, the “true prize” is revealed.

Congratulations to Omari & Dawn! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and joy. We are honoured that we got to play a small role in your happily ever after.

We can’t wait for some clips from their wedding – we are wagering that their big day will be one to remember!

Video Source: Toronto Raptors

Truer words have never been spoken… Boys remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Period.


Team Magic vs Team Dad – weigh in on the two versions of the hit song, Rude

A little summer time fun – While getting my periodic cleaning at the dentist the other day, my friendly hygienist and I got into a spirited conversation about whether the classic tradition of asking a woman’s father for her hand in marriage is still relevant today.

Our conversation then took a fun swing, as she told me about a music video that has gone viral in response to the hit summer song, Rude, by Magic. It is a sweet account of “the Dad’s side of the story”. Check out “Rude – a Dad’s Response”, by Benji and Jenna Cowart below.

Whose team are you on?!

Team Magic and “marry her anyway”? Or Team Dad and “doing what a dad should do and keep her from a fool”?

The Dad’s Side of the Story


Rude, by Magic!


9 Couples who know that weddings are just an excuse to have a good time (c/o The Huffington Post)

The Huffington Post shared 9 witty messages from fun brides & grooms, who are obviously committed to throwing a great party and having a ton of fun on their big day!

Weddings - Spence - Love

Weddings - Spence - Love Weddings - Spence - Love Weddings - Spence - Love

Click here to read the full article and see all 9 witty signs.



Brilliantly Funny

Brilliantly Funny

Thank you for the wise marriage advice, Will Ferrell – LOL!

10 Things Every Mom Needs to Know, from the amazing “Kid President”.

This goes out to all the moms – without you, we would not be here! After all, “Mom upside down is Wow.”

Friendly reminder, Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 11th. Visit your local Spence Diamonds or shop online to view the “Family” diamond pendant feature for Mother’s Day.

From all of us here at Spence, wishing all moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Top 5 “Classic” Romantic Flicks


Calling all Gen Yers: As we enter into the weekend and TGIF TV nights are a fond memory of the past, here are our top 5 “classic” romantic movie recommendations to cuddle up with your sweetheart and indulge in over the weekend. These sappy, classic movies about love and romance will simply never get old…

1. The Notebook – Taking the number one spot… Admit it guys, we all know you love this movie too…Spence Diamonds 2. The Proposal


3. PS I Love You


4. Love Actually

love-actually-26 love-actually-21

5. Love & Basketball


*Honourable Mention: 500 Days of Summer